Terms & Conditions

TERMS OF SALE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE DATED BETWEEN Airmark International (“the Company”) AND (“the Customer”)

Production Time
Sample Production: The Company aims for 5* weeks but can take up to 20* weeks. This depends on design elements, fabric and sample room availability.

Bulk Order Production: The Company aims for 45 days from invoice payment. Please note some orders may not be fulfilled for up to 200 days.

The Company can not release 100% of goods until 100% has been paid by the Customer. By paying the invoice, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Refund Policy
Tech Packs: Tech Packs can not be refunded for any reason. Once payment has been received by the Company, Tech Pack preparation will begin. Change-of-mind is not accepted.

Sample: Sample/s can be refunded if sample production has not begun. Refund must be requested within 24 hours of the Company receiving funds.

Bulk Production:
Refunds will only be made if we can not repair or replace the faulty goods.

Faulty goods and missing stock claims need to be made within 48 hours of delivery.
Repair or replacement will be taken care of immediately after proof is received.
If factory closes for a short time for government issued reason, this is not included in the 200 day production time.

More Information
Tech Packs:
Included within the Tech Pack fee is:
1. Artwork / Mockup
2. Measurements, Pattern & Sizing
3. Fabric Sourcing and Production

1. The Artwork/Mockup will be shared with the Customer for approval. The Customer can use this for their own use. The Artwork/Mockup can be use to create product at other manufacturing facility. If Trademark for design is created, the Customer must share information with Airmark International.

2. The Measurements, Pattern and Sizing is made in-house and used to create the sample. This information is not shared with client and is owned by Airmark International (the Company).

3. Fabric Sourcing and Production is a step the production team (the Company) must do to find the correct fabric for the Customer. The Customer will be offered a maximum of three fabric to choose from. Any addition choices will involve a fee.

Revision: The team at Airmark International (the Company) will work to achieve desired design artwork and mockup. The Customer has 1 chance to change design based off ‘change-of-mind’. Any other changes after this will require payment the Customer to pay fee of US$ 50 for every change after the initial revision.

Time Frame for Tech Packs:
Tech Packs can take 3 to 50 days after receiving payment and all required information from the Customer.

The Customer must proof-read all information before accepting from the Company. This includes all invoicing.